Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium)




7th Chakra

This is a perennial that grows just about anywhere. It has long feathery leaves, flowers look like miniature daisies and usually blooms in mid spring through to the fall. It is very common, chances are you’ve seen them more than once. 


Yarrow is associated with the great warrior Achilles, hence it’s genus name, which translates to “Achilles’ thousand leave herb.” It is said that yarrow first grew from Achilles’ blood on the ground caused by a deep wound during battle. 

This herb is also said to grow at the graveside of Confucius, which gives it strong divinatory and intelligence ties. 

In the Hebrides Islands off the coast of Scotland, it is believed that rubbing your eyelids with yarrow leaf grants second sight, and it is also believed to help discover one’s future love.

Magical Purposes:

Courage, Love, Psychic Powers, Exorcism, Longevity in Marriage, Divination, Prophetic Dreams, Cleanse Aura, Focus, Protection, Ease of Childbirth & Communication. 

Medicinal Purposes:

Cuts, Bruises, Broken Bones, Wounds, Sores, Eczema, Stomachaches, Colds, Fever, During Childbirth, Menstrual Cramps, PCOS,  Natural Mosquito Repellent, & Respiratory Infections. 

Yarrow can be used dry, or made into infusions, salves, & poultice. 

Other uses: 

Yarrow & Rose Hip Oil Infusion makes a great anti-wrinkle face serum.

Drink yarrow teas before undertaking divinatory practices.

Used in healing, handfasting & weddings.

Hang yarrow over wedding night bed to ensure lasting love for 7 years.

Hangover cradle for protection.

Keep at the right side of a woman in labor to help ease.

Can be used as a smudge for protection.

Sachets for love, courage, communication & psychic abilities. 

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Kitchen Witch pt. 1

Have you ever, consciously, added herbs and ingredients into the food you were making?

Instead of running to the first aid kit when your little one gets a boo boo do you run to your herb cabinet instead? 

Do you make your own herbal oils, tonics, teas, or tinctures? 

Does your household decoration incorporate your own witchy decorations?

          The specialty of the kitchen witch is the home and hearth, I can only think of Brigid or Hestia when speaking on this subject. If you are a man or woman who does not separate your craft from your everyday life, then you, my friend, may be a kitchen witch. 

As I was doing some research for this article I realized, I too, practice kitchen witchcraft. There are fond memories growing up of my great grandmother and grandmother praying over the food they made, they would almost nearly always say “Bless this food as nourishment to our bodies.” Each tool they used was sacred, as they ladled soup from their big cast iron pot or cauldron. Now I find myself doing the same thing. 

There is a besom by my door upside down, to keep negative energy away, sage smoke fills the rooms of my home no less than once a week, for dispelling negative energy, sweet grass to invite sweet spirits, and lavendar to calm the air. If you look closely you might even find a witches ladder, or two, hanging around. 

Birgid, the Celtic Goddess of the forge and fire, maintained the fire in the hearth. And Hestia, the Greek Goddess of home and hearth, did the same.  Like Brigid and Hestia, kitchen witches and homemakers are charged with doing the very same thing. Albeit our hearth is proverbial, we still tend to lead from the kitchen, where the family gathers together, and so many memories are made. We are the Gods and Goddesses of our homes and hearths, the masters of our herbs, and the creators of our blessed nutrition. We are the kitchen witches. 

Here are 3 common herbs we use in our food and just 2 of their magickal purposes:

Chives- protects against evil and disease

Rosemary- helps with memory and protection

Sage- dispel negative energy and protection

“Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder and keep rosemary by your garden gate” Practical Magic

Content Written By, 

     Crystal Brooke

Yarrow oil, infusion, salve and poultice, 7/24/2019

Eclectic Life

Eclectic Life 

Finding a different, catchy introduction to myself is proving to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. Beginning with the basics, I’m a 39 year old Gemini, I have the joy of raising 6 children. By this time you should already be gathering that I’m a little crazy. Bless my wonderful husband, even though I do the brunt of running with the kids he, in turn, has to deal with me. He loves me and all of my insanity and I love him back. Once upon a time, before I was a stay at home mom, nursing was my calling. Cardiology was my chosen field, I absolutely loved it and yes, I miss it very much. 

Eclectic Witch, is how I label myself when it comes to my craft. Yes, I’ve heard many people grumble about how eclectic witches are lazy and have no discipline. To me, it is quite the contrary, being able to know and practice different types of witchcraft takes much skill. There is a strong hunger for knowledge within this group of witches, it’s amazing at the many different skills that are able to be brought into play. Never doubt an eclectic witch, they will pull things from one of their many hats and you might just be surprised at what you find. 

The life I lead tends to be very eclectic, as well. I have a very strong belief that knowing and being able to choose the way you see things can lead to a much less fearful existence. I try to help my children see things from many different perspectives, and how to attempt to make logical sense of things that other people cannot. In my opinion, eclecticism serves a purpose, it allows your mind to be more open, helps judgment to fall away, and in the end makes peace seem within grasp. 

This is the first of many blogs, I hope! If you’d like to share your opinion on eclectics, I’d love to hear them! And stay tuned to find another piece of me. 

Crystal Brooke